Building A Strong Recognisable Brand


Don’t let your brand down by falling into the trap of inconsistent branding!
Yes, you’re probably tired of seeing the same visual treatments appear over and over in all your marketing and advertising, but that’s what strong branding is all about!

Remember, no one else is as invested your business and brand as you are. You may have seen a ton of different marketing collateral cross your desk in the last 12 months, all heavily branded and looking much the same as the last, but chances are, your potential customers have only seen a few of these items. It could have been days, weeks or even months between each sighting, so when they do see something representing your business, it must be instantly recognisable, feel familiar and safe.

Choppy branding screams dubious brand, and with the large number of scams now in our everyday environment you don’t want potential customers to think you are not trustworthy. If a potential customer receives a flyer promoting your business, they will then jump online to check out your website and social media pages. If all those elements are not branded consistently, you will lose their trust and ultimately, the potential sale.

Branding is what creates the key elements of familiarity and trust, and when done well, it will bring customers to your door. If you find yourself distracted by a shiny object, such as a new treatment of your graphics or a new font, then you need to consider revising your brand across the board and not just for a single item or campaign.
Brands do evolve over time, but there’s a big difference between the clever roll out of a brand evolution, verses inconsistent branding, which leaves your customers confused and dilutes everything you have spent time and money creating.

So, how strong is your brand? Do you have a style guide or a rule book that you stick to? If you have a third party or external contractor advertising on your behalf, can you provide them with clear instructions as to how to treat your brand? Do you have a consistent colour palette, font style, image treatment, tone of voice? If you haven’t answered yes to all of the above, then your brand has room for improvement.

If you need help building your brand or a strategy to evolve it into something bigger and better, then please get in touch. You can reach me directly via mobile, email or dropping a DM from one of my social channels, then we can have a look at where your brand currently is, where you want it to be, and what we need to do to fill that gap!

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A brand in its simplest form is TRUST! Once you have trust sales will follow!

Looking forward to working with your soon!

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