Food Manufacturer

Noshing is a Perth based, Vegan Cheese food manufacturer, who wanted their marketing to represent the premium product they produce, as they looked to expand into the eastern states of Australia.

With the key to successfully marketing a food brand being great photos, we presented a custom photo shoot proposal, which stipulated a new ‘look and feel’ and a detailed shot list to be captured on the day, ensuring all products were shot packaged, raw and as a combination of both.

These photos were then used in the design of a double sided flyer which represented the company and what it stands for, while also showcasing their products and each items individual details required by the retailers.

  • Product Photoshoot
  • Product Flyer
Double Sided Flyer
Packaging Shot
Product Shot
Packaging & Product
Styled Product & Packaging
Styled Product Shot

NOTE: Any promotions shown on this page are no longer current or redeemable. The visuals are purely examples to promote the design and marketing services of TaniaLloyd Design & Marketing Specialists, and not to promote the content shown within the visuals.