Pole Fitness Gym

Roar Pole Fitness had their logo, but no consistent branding to run through their campaigns. After working together, they now have a consistent look and feel which runs through all of their campaigns and is instantly recognisable to customers and eye catching for potential customers when place in any digital or print based advertising.

Taking into account their target customer of ‘fitness’ based pole dancers rather than the usual ‘sexy’, their branding ensures to capture your ‘ever day’ type person who wants to have a little fun while getting fit.

Check out an example of one of the campaigns designed for Roar Pole Fitness below.

  • Printed Poster
  • Digital TV Display
  • Facebook Paid Ad
  • Facebook & Instagram Post
  • Facebook & Instagram Story
  • Facebook Page Cover Image
  • Website Feature Tile
Tania Lloyd Large Format Poster Desgin
Campaign Poster
Tania Lloyd Digital Screen Marketing
Digital TV Display
tania lloyd website design marketing
Website Feature Tile
tania lloyd Social media Marketing design
Facebook Post, Story & Paid Ad
Tania Lloyd facebook and instagram marketing
Desktop & Mobile Facebook Cover

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