5 Traits Of A Successful Logo Design

Does your logo stack up?
A lot of you accidentally confuse a ‘brand’ with your logo. These two things are not the same! The easiest way to remember the difference is that your ‘brand’ is the personality of your company, while the ‘logo’ is your company’s face.

In this politically correct world, we’re often told “looks don’t matter, it’s what’s inside that counts” but as much as you may wish that to be true, it’s simply not. People make a decision instantly based on your logo and brand the moment they see it. If your logo is offensive to them, they won’t use you, if your logo looks cheap, they will think your business is cheap (and not in a good way), if your logo is dated, they will assume your techniques or product is also dated. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, this is just the way most people think without even realising it.
So with that in mind, how does your logo represent you and your company?
Think through the eyes of your customers and potential customers as to what they may think when first seeing your logo:

Does your logo:
1. Make a strong and memorable first impression
2. Look unique & easily recognisable
3. Separate you from your competitors
4. Look fresh and current
5. Scale and reproduce easily

1. Make a strong and memorable first impression
You only have once chance to make a good first impression, so don’t waste it! A well-designed successful logo can encourage potential clients to engage with your company, while also make existing clients feel more comfortable to refer to their contacts. Your logo should be strong but simple, with a colour palette that appeals to your target audience and a font that’s easy to read.

2. Look unique & easily recognisable
Successful logo design is part art and part science, and in today’s world attention spans are short, so you only have a split second for people to appreciate and understand your logo. Your logo should NEVER be a piece of Microsoft Word clip art, nor a piece of text that changes font styles every time you use it. People are drawn to familiarity and take comfort in seeing the same trusted brand repeatedly.

3. Separate you from your competitors
Dare to be different so your customers know your offering is unique within your industry. If you think having a similar look to a competitor might help you ‘steal’ some of their business by people mistaking your company for their, you many be right, but it also means you’ll be tarred with the same brush should they do something wrong. If they were to go bankrupt or get drawn into an illegal battle, would you still want people to be mistaking your company with theirs?

4. Look fresh and current
A good logo starts strong but also allows room for tweaking over time to keep it current. Your logo might look good today, but how will it stack up in 10 years time? Does it have the ability to be tweaked to keep it looking fresh without loosing its core identity? The less drastic the changes made over time, the stronger your brand will be.

5. Scale and reproduce easily
Size does matter! Over time, you’ll use your logo on many different applications, so you MUST consider how it reproduces when scaled up large enough to print on a billboard or small enough to apply to a pen. Is it still legible and recognisable when produced on a small scale? You also need to consider the way colour is used. If your only option is to print in black and white does your logo still work or do you lose all detail and clarity?

So how did you go?
Does your logo stack up against the above 5 traits for success?
If you answered anything other than ‘100% yes’ to any of the above 5 traits of a successful logo, then we need to talk about how I can help you.
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